Our immediate response was to allocate emergency funding to Stroud Hospital (£20,000) and Stroud Maternity (£10,000) for them to spend on whatever they needed for the fast moving and rapidly changing situation helping them to cope with the new challenges on hospitals and staff. Unfortunately what they initially needed most was not readily available – and that was PPE. The League spent considerable time sourcing it for both them, the local Covid Hub and some GP practices. In due course sufficient supplies were made available by GHCFT.

In summary, during this initial period we spent funds on the following:

  • PPE for Maternity Hospital: £1348
  • Nurse’s accommodation (to enable them to isolate from vulnerable family members): £1550
  • PPE for GPs and GP Covid Hub: £1676
  • The Long Table (provision of meals for staff of the hospitals and the GP Covid Hub: £15,000