Stroud General Hospital

Over the years Stroud League of Friends has made significant contributions to the development of the operating theatre, and to the ultrasound, endoscopy and complex leg would services in particular, in addition to many other areas. Indeed, since the year 2000 alone, the League of Friends has contributed more than £3.5 million. Stroud Hospital benefits by having state-of-the- art equipment and refurbishments that would not otherwise be part of normal NHS provision.

Cashes Green Ward

A much needed total renovation was undertaken with the League of Friends contributing £351,923. Principally, this donation was for en suite bathrooms and a large specialist bathroom. The ward is now transformed and the en suites not only provide privacy, dignity and well-being for patients, but are also an important factor in infection control.

Specialist beds and mattresses

The League has enhanced standard NHS provision by funding specialist beds and superior mattresses and cushions throughout the hospital, offering greater comfort and care for patients. In total, the League spent £42,697 in 2018 on this to upgrade all wards. In part, this was thanks to a generous donation from a local family, in recognition of the care given at Stroud Hospital.


Stroud is rated among the best in the country for endoscopy, and one of only two community hospitals to be awarded the prestigious JAG accreditation. It continues to be at the forefront of the national screening programme. This is a credit to the medical staff and the support given by the League towards state-of-the-art camera equipment, which is extra to NHS normal provision. In 2018, we contributed £111,512, adding to the £93,219 spent in 2016-7 on endoscopy equipment.

Complex Leg Wound Service

The Complex Leg Wound Service provides ongoing care and dressing for leg ulcers – debilitating and painful wounds which can continue for years without proper care. Effective treatment can require three or four months of cleaning and dressing with compression bandages, sometimes on a daily routine. In 2016, the League helped to fund refurbishment of the former pharmacy to provide a specialist leg ulcer clinic, including specialist furniture and equipment for treating patients. It is named the ‘John Fairgrieve Clinic’ after the first surgeon in Gloucestershire to perform vascular surgery, and a great supporter of both the hospital and the League of Friends. In its first year alone the newly refurbished clinic has helped more than 700 people and is recognised as another valuable specialist service provided at Stroud Hospital.

Provision for dementia patients

Another area of specialist provision that has been a focus over the years for The League of Friends is that for dementia care. The League has provided equipment and services that are not standard, enhancing the quality of clinical care at Stroud Hospital. Examples of this are the furnishing of a Dementia Memory Room and the purchase of specialist equipment – Digital Reminiscence Software – that promotes recollections and fond memories which have a calming effect on dementia patients and, most significantly, reduces the incidence of falls. Reports from Matron and the staff have been extremely positive.

Stroud Hospitals League of Friends – Achievements

An outstanding year, thanks to local people

spent in 2018 on local healthcare by Stroud Hospitals League of Friends