The League of Friends are supported by is supported by a large group of volunteers who provide refreshments in the Hospital Shop and a wards trolley service for patients, along with other activities.

About Volunteering

Volunteers provide a friendly face for patients and visitors alike and contribute hugely to the ambience of Stroud Hospital, making it welcoming and less intimidating than it might otherwise be. They also make a significant contribution to the League’s funds. The League’s Events Committee play another essential role as the public face representing us at various local events, including the annual Christmas Tree Festival at St Lawrence’s Church. They also arrange for Frampton Silver Band to visit the Hospital to accompany the annual carol singing.

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We would be delighted to hear from you if you wish to be involved, either as a volunteer helper or simply a member. Please complete the form below, or contact the Administrator on 0300 421 8080 or info@stroudleagueoffriends.org .

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    Charity Registration number: 230803