St Laurence Church, situated in The Shambles, Stroud, has hosted twelve very successful Community Christmas Tree Festivals in December, every year since 2005!  They had 30 trees in their first year, and it has grown since then so that they now regularly have over 135 beautifully and thoughtfully decorated trees displayed by organisations, businesses, groups or individuals from across the local area.  The event has become an enormous community occasion and it is great that so many want to take part.

The 13th St Laurence Church Community Christmas Tree Festival is now underway until Sunday 3 December 2017.

The League of Friends is exhibiting a tree for the sixth year running and the ladies from our Events Committee – Jill Turk, Diane Whetter and Hilary Turk have all put a great deal of work into the finished Christmas tree which looks very festive along with the very many others in the Church (our tree is in the front of the photo).

A visit to this Christmas Tree festival makes a very pleasant and cheery start to the Christmas festivities and will be enjoyed by young and old alike.