Important proposed changes to the Constitution

Stroud Hospitals League of Friends proposes to change from an ‘unincorporated charity’ into a ‘Charitable Incorporated Organisation’ (CIO), at its AGM next month. Members, whose approval is necessary, are being informed by letter of the proposed changes with a full explanation of the reasons for doing so.

This proposed move will mean no change whatsoever to the current aims, objectives and modus operandi of the League of Friend. Such a change can only be done with Members’ approval at the AGM, and it is in line with our current Constitution which makes specific provision for becoming ‘incorporated’ (clause 14).

There are three ways for you to look at the current and proposed constitutions:


1). The existing Constitution and the proposed CIO Constitution can be viewed by clicking the links here:

Existing Constitution

Proposed CIO Constitution


2). Alternatively, the existing Constitution and the proposed CIO Constitution can be viewed electronically by requesting it to be sent to members as an attachment. Please email Julia Prosser at   info@stroudleagueoffriends  or phone to request the attachment (01453 764 926).


3). If you prefer, we can supply printed copies, again by contacting our Administrator, Julia Prosser, by:

Telephone: 01453 764 926 (leave a message if not available).

E mail:  info@stroudleagueoffriends

By writing to: Stroud Hospitals League of Friends, Trinity Road, Stroud GL5 2HY.


Dr Roma Walker,

Chair, Stroud Hospitals League of Friends

Posted on August 13, 2019