The Importance of Supporting and Helping
the friends

We have an important role in the partnership delivering excellent healthcare to people at the Stroud hospitals and in the community. Other members of the team are the skilled consultants, doctors, nursing and support staff, as well as the local ecumenical chaplaincy team. A vital part of that partnership is the fine volunteer support of the local community.

Members feel privileged to be part of this great team which enriches and benefits the lives of patients and staff, bringing a rewarding dimension to our own lives. It can be hard work but also enjoyable.

Looking to the Future

We need to maintain and develop the fine support we already receive in order to perpetuate and encourage co-operation with the whole team of people delivering and supporting health care locally. To do this, we need to involve a younger generation of supporters and encourage local people to use the fine services provided at the Stroud hospitals. We need more people to ask the question: “Can I receive my appointment / investigation / treatment at Stroud Hospitals?”.